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Please note that these "rants" are pure opinion as much as I would like for them to be fact. When I post a video or image, most have a URL attached to them to corelate to an article they represent. In Addition, when I post something I do my best find another form of media that will help expand and explain my topic, and generally most my topics of discussion are based upon those 3 party videos, images, and or sites.

Monday, January 19, 2015

A Meh outlook on Life

It very hard to be positive in todays world. All I see, is over population (for every 1 death 10 or more people take their place ) - I see food shortages, price gouging, political and economical corruption; as well as a crumbling and outdated infrastructure. In addition to those , I see more and more complex diseases, religion fanatics doing foolish things in the name of their "god" And finally the unacceptance of people whom arent apart of the social "norm" - I very rarely find the good in people and society

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Women's rights and "Equality'

I recently saw the "Potty Mouth Princess" video, and as amusing as it was - I do have some problems with it. I am going to try and go in order based on the topics presented.  (Please keep in mind the points im going to try and make are generalizations and dont apply to everyone's situation)

Fair Pay: I understand why women would be upset about a 23% pay difference. However, I understand why such a difference exists. Personally, I feel that women cannot detach themselves emotionally from certain situations in contrast to men. Detaching ones self is crucial in jobs such as emergency response- in all its forms, Military based work, and all high end White Collar work environments. By having this pay difference it allows the "boss" or "company" to save extra money in case something goes wrong.

Rape And Violence: I always hated this topic, because so many people have their concept of what rape and violence is and there are so many lawsuits that take place over the stupidest shit.

For Example: Bumping into someone, touched hands for moment at work - All those must be rape. 
Overhearing a conversation not directly pertaining to you, someone is treating you like their equal and honest, Someone has a bad day and says Shut up - All those must be a form of violence. 

Rape is this: Someone Intentionally and forcibly does something in the sexual nature to you, in some instances causing harm - NO MORE NO LESS  - Violence is this: Someone DIRECTLY harms you in a malicious way physically (Im not including emotional or verbal, because the entire world could stand to get a thicker skin)

"How to Dress"  : I disagree - there are moments when a dress code is in order

Monday, November 10, 2014

A Book to Pick up, a must Read!

Book Download link Removed, due to lack of storage

Monday, November 3, 2014

Overpopulation, Needs to be fixed!

Disease, famine, power outages, climate change, etc. There are many problems in the world, which can be fixed slowly over time, to a degree. However, no-one is willing to admit, at least out-loud; that the real problem is humanity. Humans have over-populated earth, to a point that resources are becoming more and more scarce. When I see movies such as Independence day or Enders game , it reminds me that the aliens aka "villains" are essentially us. We humans are the locusts, consuming and tearing the planet apart. Granted, it is part of our nature to spread and procreate as our ancestors did. However, in a more modern society, that is no longer needed. 
I know there are many innovations being made to help improve and overall fix problems such as:
roads, running water (clean) , power, food, etc   - As much as that will help short term, long term those will not help. The quick solution would be to have a mass genocide of sorts to get to the perfect population. However, I know that this approach is very unpopular and can be messy in many ways. The next alternative, is to sterilize every male and transgender. When they become 18 years old they will spend the next couple days donating sperm, to build up a reserve at a sperm bank. Then they would be "snipped" - This would allow the population of earth to stabilize over a long period of time, and prevent accidental pregnancies. The only downside is it highly encourages monogamy. The bright-side however, is after your snip. no more condoms!   - Now, I know there are many more layers to this problem, mostly political and religious aspects, personally I'm an Atheist and give no shits about religion. I doubt that this would get passed, at least not until people wake up and realize they are the problem.

Freedom of Speech? Not so Free


  One of the "shadow government" programs that creates bills behind the scenes if you did not know, is called: American Legislative Exchange Council or "Alec" for short. Alec helps create some of the most fucked up bills in history that make it harder for the lower and middle class. And create more tax cuts for the wealthy in a bill that seems harmless.  Tweet at "Alec"  to tell them how you feel!  -  In Addition! I Believe winning  be default aka un-opposed is not democracy nor fair to voters or the states or counties they represent. If your un-opposed you should NOT be allowed to win. Either the previous candidate has to run again, have the Vice governor run from the previous year. OR allow the state and its people to govern themselves! 

Fuck the Police

Originally Posted/Shared Oct. 6th 2014

Friday, October 24, 2014

"New World Order"

Never Give in. Never abandon your beliefs and morals. You must band together. And FIGHT for your freedom!